Options if not eligible for Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance with a spend-down

It is possible for an applicant to have income higher than the MA income standards for their household size and still be eligible for MA if they meet certain other criteria.

The enrollee with excess income must incur medical expenses in an amount equal to the difference between the person’s income and the MA income standard.  This difference is known as a spenddown.  The person with excess income must have incurred medical expenses equal to or greater than the spenddown amount before MA coverage begins.   MA pays for covered medical expenses in excess of the spenddown amount.


This program is for people who are not eligible for Medical Assistance and do not have Medicare or access to health insurance through their employer.  You will have to pat a monthly premium and coverage starts the month after you first pay your premium.

Purchasing Insurance through MNSure.org

If you are not income eligible for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, you can purchase insurance through MNSure.org.  You may qualify for Advanced Premium Tax Credits which help lower your monthly payment.   In order to find out more please contact MNSure at: