Disability Services

Our services help people with disabilities live in their communities as independently as possible. MNPrairie can help with short term service planning and ongoing case management.
We can help people with disabilities and their families to get access to tools to help them live independently or get the help they need.

Consumer-Directed Community Supports

Consumer-directed community supports (CDCS) gives you more choice and responsibility for your services and supports.  It is available through each of the federal waivers (DD, CADI, CAC, BI).  

Using CDCS you: 
  • Choose or design the services and supports that fit your assessed needs 
  • Decide when you should receive services and supports 
  • Hire the people you want (including parents and spouses) to deliver those services and supports.
CDCS includes services and supports now available through Medical Assistance waivers. It also allows you to buy non-traditional supports, such as special therapies, assistive technology, and home and vehicle modifications.

Consumer-Directed Community Supports (CDCS)