Changing an existing child support order

If either parent's situation changes substantially, he or she may seek a modification.

A notice of the right to review is sent to parents every three years, but there is no need to wait for that notice. Either parent can file a motion to change child support as a self-represented litigant or with the help of an attorney. (If you decide to retain an attorney, let your child support officer know right away.)

There is a court fee for filing a motion, but the fee can be waived in some situations. As part of the review, MNPrairie will request financial information from both parents and look at information in different systems. MNPrairie will determine if your request meets the requirements for a modification.

Remember: A review could result in an increase or decrease in child support, even if your request is for a decrease.

You can get help completing a pro se motion for modification of your child support order. Review the self-help center information on the Minnesota Third Judicial District's website.

You can find the pro se motion paperwork or make a request for an agency review by visiting Child Support ezDocs.

County review

MNPrairie can pursue a modification without a request by a parent if it has information to suggest that a modification is appropriate. For example, MNPrairie can modify (change) a child support order without a parent’s request if a parent is receiving public assistance. If a parent does not want the child support modified, the parent can request a hearing to explain this to the court.

You may send a written request or email for a review to your child support officer, describing the reason for the request. You also may contact your child support office by phone for more information about the review process.

If both parents agree to a child support amount, MNPrairie can help make the agreement a court order without needing to have a court hearing.