Foster care licensing process

The following is an overview of the Minnesota Prairie County Alliance Child foster care licensing process. 

Step 1: Contact your local licensor

Dodge County contact:  
Diane Tlougan

Steele County contact:
Jill Gannon

Waseca County contact:
Teresa Schumacher

Step 2: Complete initial application materials

Your local licensor will mail you an initial application packet.  Please complete the packet and return it to your local licensor.   Failing to complete the paperwork in its entirety may delay the licensing process.

Step 3: Schedule an initial home visit

After your local licensor has received your completed initial application packet, they will be contacting you to schedule a home visit.

The purpose of the home visit will be to complete an initial walk through of your home and to answer any remaining questions pertaining to foster care.

During the initial visit, the licensor will also request official identification documentation for all members of the household.  The reason for this is to begin the required background study process.  

Step 4: Complete training

Prior to being licensed, you must complete the following mandatory training's:

  • Orientation-Required for all child foster care applicants
  • Sudden Unexpected Infant Death/Abusive Head Trauma (if caring for children 5 years old and younger)
  • Car Seat Training (three hours) (if caring for children younger than 9 years old)
  • Children’s Mental Health Training (two hours) (required for all ages)
  • Normalcy, Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standards (one hour) (required for all ages).

Step 5: Complete home study 

The licensor will work with to complete your home study. The home study is a thorough narrative regarding your family and any additional household members.  It will address your history, how you were parented, how you have parented your own children and how you plan to parent foster children.  Your employment and educational history will be discussed as well as your relationship history, finances and your family’s strengths and needs. 

Step 6: Minnesota Department of Human Services approval

After steps 1 through 5 have been completed, the licensor will send their recommendation to the Minnesota Department of Human Services for approval.