Mandatory training requirements

Sudden unexpected infant death syndrome (SUIDS) and abusive head trauma (AHT)

  • Watch all videos at included on the DHS website.
  • Complete the Edocs post-test and return to your licensor 
  • Required to be completed a minimum of one time every five years if providing care to infants and children through the age of five years old

Children’s mental health

  • Watch the children's mental health video by clicking here.
  • Complete the Children's mental health post-test and return to your licensor. 
  • Must complete an additional one hour of training related to Children’s Mental Health annually

Normalcy and reasonable and prudent parent standards

Car seat training

  • Please work with your licensor to schedule this
  • Required prior to licensure and every five years thereafter when providing care to children under nine years of age

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)

Click here to be directed to the the licensing process.