Making a child support payment

Child support payment center

The payment center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Do not send cash. Make the support payments by check or money order, payable to Minnesota Child Support Payment Center.
  • Include your Social Security or participant number so proper credit is received.
  • Keep careful records. Noncustodial parents should keep canceled checks or copies of money orders as receipts. If a difference exists between our records and yours, the noncustodial parent may be required to produce receipts as proof of payment.
  • Send all payments to:
P.O. Box 64326
St. Paul, MN 55164

If you receive a direct payment from the other parent, and you receive public assistance:
  • You must contact your Minnesota Family Investment Program worker, child care worker, and/or child support officer immediately. Report the support you received on your household report form. If you live in subsidized housing, you must report your change in income.
  • Sign the payment over to the Minnesota Child Support Payment Center, and include your Social Security number, case number, or participant number on the payment.

Minnesota child support online

You can make secure electronic child support payments from checking and savings accounts through Minnesota child support online (MCSO). Payments made using MCSO will not replace or stop payments made by income withholding. The online payment option is for parents who wish to make additional payments or who wish to make a payment when income withholding is not available.

In order to make payments through MCSO, you must be a registered user. Information on registering your account can be found on the MCSO participant introduction page.

Other options to make child support payments

Pay-Near-Me (a small fee may apply)

Pay with cash at Casey’s, 7-Eleven, CVS & Family Dollar
Simply download the pay-near me app or contact your Child Support Officer for a bar code.

MoneyGram Payment (a small fee may apply)

Pay with cash at a Money Gram location, Walmart & CVS
Use code # 14665

Automatic Withdrawal for Your Child Support Payments

Parents with an open child support case who are not court-ordered to pay by income withholding use this form to authorize automatic recurring withdrawal from their checking or savings account as a payment option. 
Automatic Withdrawal for Your Child Support Payments (PDF)