Working with us

We are here to serve both parents for the benefit of their children. To do this, we need to work together. As parents, you can help by being active participants in your case.
  • Keep your child support worker informed of any changes. These changes might include addresses, phone numbers, employment (jobs), court ordered custody and parenting time, divorce, incarceration and injury or illness.
  • Come to court. Bring to court copies of anything you have that proves your income, expenses or inability to work. If you cannot make your court hearing, call your child support officer to see if you can change the date.
  • Open your mail. Open every envelope that comes from the state or county child support office or the county attorney’s office.
  • Fill out and return paperwork we send you.
  • Return our phone calls. We may be trying to contact you to settle the case without the need to serve you with papers at your home or work. We may need some information that may help your case.
  • Call us when you have questions. If you are not satisfied, ask to speak to a supervisor.
  • Ask for a review of your case when you think something should change.
  • If you cannot make a full payment, pay what you can and call your child support worker to let him/her know you cannot pay the full payment.