Choose a provider

Select a child care provider that is best for your children. Your provider can be:
  • Licensed child care centers (licensed through the state)
  • Licensed family child care 
  • Licensed exempt child care (such as school programs)
  • Legally unlicensed family child care (provider must be 18 or older and must pass a background check)
  • All providers must be registered with MNPrairie to participate in the program. Unlicensed providers must pass a background check. The Family Team will review the provider you have chosen on your application and if that provider is not registered will mail out registration materials to the provider.
It is a good idea to interview the child care provider and visit the program before using the service.

Care for school-age children

Studies show that children in quality school-age programs are more likely to turn in homework, attend school, and have improved school behavior. Children are also less likely to participate in risky behavior such as smoking, drinking, or using drugs. Research tells us school-age programs also:
  • Help kids learn social skills
  • Create changes to get involved in communities
  • Connect families to other services