Make a Payment

To make a child support payment, go to:  Making a child support payment | MNPrairie County Alliance, MN

To make other payments:  

  • Check or cash may be mailed or delivered to a MNPrairie County Alliance office listed
  • Credit/debit card payments or ACH bank transfers may be used for the following:    
    • Adult foster care licensing fee
    • Background study fee
    • Daycare (family childcare) licensing fee
    • Detox fee
    • Housing Support (and GRH) vendor overpayment recovery
    • Medical Assistance (MA) estate or overpayment recovery
    • Income, food, or cash assistance overpayment recovery
      • General Assistance
      • Food Support
      • Housing Support (and GRH)
      • MFIP
    • Out-of-home placement (for children) fee
      • Parental fees
      • Billings for child(ren) while in placement
    • Record request fee
    • Waiver or medical spenddown 

For these you may pay over the phone or through our online portal:

Phone:       Call 507-837-6617


Note that child support payments cannot be accepted through this phone number or online portal.  Instead, pay through: Minnesota Child Support Online - Welcome to Minnesota Child Support Online (


A processing fee will be applied to each phone or online payment:



Credit card or debit card fee:   3% of amount paid or $2.00 per transaction, whichever is greater

Example:  $10.00 payment x 3% fee = $0.30; therefore, the $2.00 minimum fee would apply.


ACH bank transfer fee:   $3.00 per transaction; transactions are limited to $10,000.


Important notice:

By making your payment through the phone number listed or Point and Pay online site, you are acknowledging responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. In the event your ACH Bank Transfer or Debit Card is not honored you may be subject to a return charge from your bank or financial institution.  (For example: If your account number was not entered correctly or you did not have enough money in your account, you may get an overdraft or non-sufficient funds charge.)

Visitors to the Point and Pay online site are expressly prohibited from using any application designed to mine, gather or extract data.  Unauthorized use and collection of data may result in the visitor being charged with criminal penalties and /or claims for civil damages, attorney’s fees and costs incurred by Minnesota Prairie County Alliance.